Thinking about Running

There’s a workout that’s been on my schedule from my coach for 3 weeks. 5 by 600s. It’s not a hard workout. I could do it on a track, or on a trail. I could do it pretty much any time. But I haven’t done it and it’s going on three weeks that I haven’t done it. This weekend, I apologized to my coach for not doing that workout for the second week in a row. I’m usually highly reliable and I get my workouts done and done properly most of the time. The last two weeks have been different. In addition to the 5 by 600s, I cut a long run short and, rather than doing a slow run with 3 minute pick ups, I ran tempo. This is highly unlike me. My coach (hi, Coach) will attest to this – I run what I’m assigned to run.

He and I were discussing my recent episode of noncompliance. I told him I simply didn’t have an explanation for why. I wasn’t tired, I was enjoying running, the workout wasn’t hard. I just didn’t do it. He said something that has stuck with me ever since – “It’s your time not to think”.

That’s really what it is. Running is my time not to think. When everything else is crazy, I love getting lost in the run. I like the freedom of not thinking. I have an academic job and I’m a therapist, so I spend way too much of my life thinking. Add on work stress, a broken stove (sigh), and some other random events, and my need to not think gets even more important. I didn’t run an easy workout because I needed not to think more than I needed the workout. Running is my time not to think.

Sometimes don’t we all just need to get lost in the woods?

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  1. Sounds like a good workout, Dr. Rachel. You should do it! This has me flashing back to a certain college track workout (12 x 400 meters; all at 60 seconds or faster) that was always a lot of “fun.”

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