Track Day

This morning I had a track run on my schedule. It was a beautiful, albeit cold, morning.

A beautiful day on the track!

My coach wanted me to do a lactate threshold/maximum heart rate test. If I’m being perfectly honest, I had to google lactate threshold since I really didn’t understand what it was. Thanks to Wikipedia, I learned that lactate threshold testing is important because the speedy runner needs to determine at which point lactate begins to build up in the body. The speedy runner can then engage in interval training that temporarily exceeds the lactate threshold to improve. Being a good athlete in training, I followed the instructions of my coach and did the test. I discovered that it is really hard to run at the maximum speed that I can maintain for 8 minutes. I tend to avoid suffering, which makes me a very slow runner. I don’t mind speed work, but I probably don’t run as fast as I really could even when I’m doing speed work. The instructions had me running quite fast for what seemed like an eternity. It seemed much worse that it probably really was, just because I don’t usually push myself past what feels comfortable. I realized that if I really want to be faster I might have to suffer a little bit. Pain, here I come.

What is your least favorite workout? What workouts challenge you?