WarmFX: Product Review and Giveaway

The nice folks over at BodyGlide have done two great favors for DrRachelRuns. First, they selected this humble blog as the Blog of the Month. Yay! They also offered to send me a sample of their new product, WarmFX, to review. Keep reading for a chance to win your very own WarmFX prize in a great giveaway.

BodyGlide, makers of the anti-chafing balm we all love, recently added WarmFX to their lineup. The product was designed as an anti-pain balm to be used for relief of minor pain and soreness in muscles and joints. Warm FX can be used prior to workouts to speed the warming up of tired or achy muscles. The packaging says it’s safe for daily use and helpful with over-exertion, backache, arthritis, bruises, strains, cramps, and sprains. It sounded like the perfect product for runners.

WarmFX comes in an easy-application tube just like their regular anti-chafing stick. It’s a .45 ounce tube, perfect for travel. It’s important to note that though the packaging is similar to the anti-chafing stick, the cap on WarmFX is red, making it easy to tell the products apart.

I decided to test WarmFX first for recovery on a spot on the outside of my hip that’s often tight and sore. The WarmFX is easy to apply. It is the consistency of deodorant so it goes on smoothly and easily without a sticky feel. The menthol in WarmFX gives it a minty, slightly medicinal scent. It smells like original Double Mint gum and the scent fades upon application. The scent does linger, but it’s quite light and I didn’t find it bothersome.

Immediately upon application, the WarmFX feels smooth and dry. It starts to heat up after about a minute and reached full strength for me in about 3-4 minutes. Given that the more product that’s applied the hotter it gets, I was conservative in my fist application. One easy swipe was noticeably warm, but not quite at a therapeutic level. I tried a few more swipes. One hefty swipe, or two thins coats was plenty for me. After four thin coats it got quite hot and I concluded my test. The heat lasted about an hour in the location I used it. I enjoyed the warming sensation and thought WarmFX did a nice job of relaxing the cranky muscle.

Next, I tried WarmFX on my calves before a run to warm them up. I stayed conservative with one thin swipe of product – there weren’t many options for removal out on the trail if I overdid it. Just barely warm, I liked the heat on my calves. They were noticeably looser on the early hills on the route. It is worth note that the heat of the direct sun plus the WarmFX created a significant warming effect. Use caution if you intend to apply WarmFX to body parts that will be warmed naturally by the sun, or will be warmed under thick clothing. I left my tube of WarmFX in my car during a hot and sunny day and just like the anti-chafe stick, it didn’t melt.

Overall, I liked WarmFX. I liked the scent, I loved the ease of application, and I enjoyed the adjustable strength of custom application. It is a nice product to keep in a running bag for pre- and post-workout use.

Note: Though I was provided the sample to review, I was not otherwise compensated for this review and it represents my honest opinion and experience using the Warm FX product.

Grade: A

Retail price: about $6 for the .45 oz size

And now for the giveaway!

WarmFX Prize – BodyGlide will give away a .45 ounce tube of WarmFX to three followers who comment on this post. To enter, comment on this post with a comment related to sore muscles, WarmFX, or Body Glide. Each commenter will be entered to win and the winner will be selected randomly from all who enter.
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15 thoughts on “WarmFX: Product Review and Giveaway

  1. Already ‘like’ you (on FB and real life)….like BodyGlide and would LOVE to try the WarmFX!

  2. I am extremely interested in WarmFX, as I am a habitual user of Tiger Balm. (I’m fairly certain that I have mentioned that to you in past conversation, Rachel.) I like to apply TB prior to & after my runs, but the smell lingers on and on and is so strong that it burns the nostrils! I feel bad for others around me! You had told me about BodyGlide a couple of months ago, but WarmFX sounds like a product I would absolutely love! In addition, I love the deodorant-style application as oppose to requiring me to rub it in & not being able to get the scent off my hands! Looking forward to trying it! Already have my BodyGlide in my running backpack to prevent blisters in my minimalist runners and there’s just enough room in there for some WarmFX!!!! πŸ™‚

    • TB stinks! It smells quite strong, but it works. I didn’t like that it was so dark in color. I always worried it might stain. Maybe you’ll win. πŸ™‚

  3. I love body glide and use it on most long runs and in ALL half and full marathons I run. I’d love to try the WarmFX, seems like something I could use this week especially, since we’re planning a long hike and I think it would help my quads on the downhill.

  4. I would love to try the WarmFX for recovery after running, I get really tight in my hips and IT band! Thanks for such a great review of the product:)

  5. I bought my first tube of body glide this morning! I just started running and had some SERIOUS chafing. It’s pretty amazing!

    • Body Glide will solve the chafing problem – I think it also heals bad spots. Another similar product, called “Skin Sake” is a bit smoother and more lotion-like if you prefer that kind of product.

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