Wash and Dry

It’s an exciting day in the Dr. Rachel household. I get a new washer and dryer today. Yay! I’m waiting for the delivery truck right now.

My old washing machine died suddenly this weekend. It was very sad. I have had my washer for 10 years. It was the first major household purchase I made and it’s been a trusty machine for many years. About 7 months ago, I noticed that my washing machine was acting funny. It wasn’t draining properly and was starting to make clothes dirtier at the end of the wash cycle than they were when I put them in. I took out the agitator, I cleaned the barrel, I inspected the hoses, I googled every possible solution for a washer that predates google, but nothing helped. Undeterred, I kept using my poor washer long after the gentle cycle stopped working, and the “normal” cycle stopped spinning very well. Unfortunately, the inevitable occurred this weekend. While in the midst of washing my mountains of laundry, my washer’s last functioning wash cycle just stopped working. Why is this a running story, you might ask. Because my washing machine died right before I washed my workout clothes. I hadn’t washed running clothes in over a week. That’s three yoga classes, three trips to the gym, and five outdoor runs worth of clothes waiting to be washed. Oh, and several Lululemon technical fabric casual outfits, too.

Given my mountain of laundry, my overwhelming desire to avoid the laundromat, and my admission that both my washer and dryer were, in fact, 10 years old and not working properly, I headed to my local big box store to pick out a new pair. I selected a new set easily, bought them, and scheduled delivery.

New washing machine

The only problem – they won’t come in time for me to wash running tights for tonight’s run. So, tonight I’ll be wearing cropped tights with tall socks. It will be fabulous. The moral of the story: Wash your running clothes first.