Welcome, 2012: Resolutions and a New Year’s Run

I love the beginning of a new year. It seems like a fresh start and a time to reflect. I also love new year’s resolutions. I think resolutions are a great idea in general. Being a very competitive goal oriented person, I enjoy the opportunity to pick goals and challenges for a new year. After much consideration, I have decided upon the following goals, in the order of the likelihood of accomplishment:

1. Keep running for fun and remember to enjoy it (definitely will happen)

2. Run faster (probably going to happen thanks to my friend/coach’s insistence on speed work AND track work every week)

3. Strength train once a week (not likely, but I am going to give it the old college try)

4. Make better/healthier decisions about the food that I choose to eat (a long shot)

5. Break 2 hours in a half marathon (a pipe dream)

I’m sure I will add on to this list – I always do – I like resolutions so much that I make them all year round. Now that I have committed to them in writing I feel a bit of added pressure. I usually perform well under pressure, so maybe this will increase the likelihood of getting that sub 2-hour half marathon. Dare to dream…
Anyhow, I welcomed 2012 with a New Year’s champagne run. We were well stocked with champagne – only the finest that the grocery store had to offer for our exclusive running group.

New Year's Run Supplies

What are your running goals for 2012? How did you celebrate the new year on the run?

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