What’s SUP?

As a running coach, I often stress the benefits of cross training. Cross training is a great way to build strength and endurance and prevent injury. In the summer, I love stand up paddleboarding. I confess – am a SUP addict.


Stand up paddling is a great way to build core strength and improve balance – perfect for runners! I love being on the water and paddling around peaceful ponds. I also enjoy SUP racing for some cardio. Recently, I competed in a Bic One Design race. It was a great test of my paddling ability, particularly my handling. I learned just how quickly it’s possible to paddle the boards. I got a great cardio workout and had fun playing in the water after the race.

SUP race

I enjoy paddling in the ocean, surfing small waves. I have tried SUP fitness (what a great core workout) and SUP yoga. I love it all! Most of all, I love being on the water. There is something wonderfully peaceful about being able to paddle in small ponds, past lily pads and sunken trees, rocks and fish. It’s a beautiful way to cross train.